runemz NOW. It's. MY. Birthday. 36 Miles, 36 years old & 36 random & non-random acts of kindness completed. #moreinfolaterontheblog #gratefulme #thankful #happy #lml #runaholics #furtherfasterforever #peanutrangbcowbellsatcompleteion #besteardamageever 3y
  •   runemz Thank you @slats214 3y
  •   kelruns72 @runemz I just read about your 36 miles, 36 acts, 36 yrs on your blog. You are truly an amazing women. There is so much violence, hate and anger in this world, I just can't wrap my head around someone putting you down (referring to that not so nice person who posted on your blog) for being a productive, kind person who has so much beauty and love for others. Keep your head up Emz. You inspire so many people. I'm glad our paths crossed. Keep on ROCKIN' girl! 3y
  •   runemz @kelhulsey you rock. Thank you x 444. 3y
  •   kelruns72 @runemz I just read you Rim2 Rim2Rim blog. You made me laugh my ass off and even brought a few tears to my eyes. What an accomplishment. Following @ceci_run and now reading your blog seriously makes me want to run an ultra. Am I crazy? I LOVE hiking and the dirt trails so??? I guess I'll get through the Big Sur International Marathon in 2014 first, then think about that one long and hard. 3y
  •   jprpapjp Love the blog too!!! 3y
  •   jprpapjp Wish my kids would do random acts of kindness with me 3y
  •   sundtaretrundt You seriously ROCK @runemz!!!!! 3y
  •   dr.z_o.d How ? Lol I run 13.1 on a mill but ... I'm blown away 3y

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