thedesignfiles Thankyou @loupardi for bring this article in the Sydney Morning Herald to my attention!! Any sydneysiders got a copy of today's paper you could maybe send me!? I haven't seen it! 3y
  •   julie_gibbs You don't have people over and people are scared to cook for me...we all need to relax and concentrate on the cosmic energy that brings us together. That's what matters... 3y
  •   kimpearsoninteriordesigner Oh @julie_gibbs @thedesignfiles - you are so right. Struggling w similar blocks ive hand on heart found Over the years that People in general are just SO genuinely thrilled to be invited somewhere they honestly honestly don't give a hoot what it looks or tastes like. (I know I don't!). It's the company that makes the occasion and everything else sing :) 3y
  •   ljcs_ @thedesignfiles I'm up here on holiday. Happy to send. Did think of you today when I had my #lianaraine icy pole 3y
  •   thistimearound It's on The Age website, so I'm assuming it's also in the Saturday lift out? They're essentially the same publication, just jazzed up for the different cities. At least on weekends. 3y
  •   teamwoodnote Yay! Congrats!! (PS-emailed you. Let me know if you didn't get it) xx 3y
  •   wfeagins And going viral - emailed to me this am from my pal John Wright in Sydney. You'll need a clippings agent soon Lucy! 3y
  •   jewlieo I loved this article! 3y
  •   1danistevens Awesome babe!!! I love it when you ask someone for a copy of the paper as you get someone else calling saying "Hey! You're in today's paper!" what a buzz! Now make sure you frame it 3y

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