therobotarmy Here's the big #winner for day 3. @mishybida keep up the great job of #quittingsmoking. I can't wait to ride my bike with good lungs! #SF to #NYC #smokingrobots #robot #robots 2y
  •   mishybida So great! I love this, thank you for being an inspiration to people quitting smoking everywhere! 2y
  •   therobotarmy @mishybida #thankyou for contributing. Can you email me at so that I can make sure you get the original, if you'd like. 2y
  •   mishybida @therobotarmy done :) 2y
  •   mishybida Did u get my email? I will even pay for a print but I really, really (underlined) love this 2y
  •   therobotarmy @mishybida I did get your email. I passed it along to Healthline. They purchased the original and they'll be sending it to you in the next couple of weeks because you quit smoking! 2y
  •   mishybida Do they need my mailing address? I just need something to keep me motivated! 2y
  •   therobotarmy Yeah, but they will get it from you through your email. You can do it! I've been smoke free for 12 days now. It's definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. 2y

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