refinery29 Sunset at Bagan, a breathtaking site with thousands of temples and pagodas spread across a vast plain. #burma #myanmar #bagan 3y
  •   ohn_mintyfresh Stunning sunset! I experienced it myself recently Bagan is awesome! 3y
  •   refinery29 @delcnf yes, absolutely love it. It's changed a lot in the last few years but Bagan still feels very off the beaten path. That said, there's some very spotty WiFi in the hotel (just enough to post on IG) 3y
  •   refinery29 @katrinad29 going tomorrow! Super excited! 3y
  •   delcnf Wow. I presumed the regime were as bad as ever. We couldn't access email (accept in rare places through a government one which seemingly removed half your email so didn't bother). No mobile phone network and landlines were hard to access. I had friends who went a while after me and it hadn't changed. I bumped into my brother who eloped there with his girlfriend from Liverpool he had met travelling there few years back. Imagine how I felt - I couldn't text or email anyone (so at least I couldn't ruin the secret). I am so jealous. Burma is def up there with my faves. And definitely my favourite people. Soooo nice. I bought some really cool knitwear there. Enjoy!! 3y

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