higheelsuicide Let's make us suck a little bit more highheelssuicide.com #highheelssuicide 3y
  •   xmeije_ I love the liquid logo tank top, but it's sold out, w ill it be back in stock soon? 3y
  •   wulafares Want that :D 3y
  •   amb3r_w3lch What's high heel suicide 3y
  •   pugluvr123 okay you have posted those pics for about 100 times its getting old 3y
  •   riamichelle Yayyyy 3y
  •   isahenckes Yeaaaaaah 3y
  •   gods.aspie.rebeljediprincess @higheelsuicide sooo... This is but isn't a clothing company supporting anti-suicide? Uplifting people and making them feel supported, while putting negative sayings on tee shirts? That's stupid?!!! 3y

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