chobani Get your day going with these little snacks via @tosayididit #chobani 3y
  •   adub7905 @aspiringcat As per typical- ignorance is bliss in your case. Alas, freedom of speech/self expression is what makes us Americans. Go ahead- ill let you have the last word. 3y
  •   aspiringcat @adub7905 Claiming "freedom of speech" in a situation of a supposed health brand carelessly linking to material that is openly promoting "thinspiration" (once again, not anyone's personal opinion about the woman's specific weight, but a fact that that is how she tags "her" images) and other concepts blatantly associated with perpetuating actual eating disorders, is really not doing anything to address the issue of corporate irresponsibility. IF you want to talk about "American" concepts, let us discuss how it is our responsibility as consumers to get what we want out of our money. We do not just ACCEPT poor quality products, upsetting marketing, our terrible corporate behavior... Or, per the original motivation of capitalism, we should not (apathy today usually does show that we do, because why bother exercise any freedoms). We have choices as consumers, and additionally the right to voice our concerns (if you like freedom of speech). I am concerned that a brand that markets itself as healthy is linking to something openly associating with eating disorders. This is an issue, since it has happened more than once and at this point seems like real negligence despite "apology," that could make me switch brands. The company should be aware of utheir activities 3y
  •   aspiringcat @adub7905 the company should be aware of how their activities are impacting their consumers, as that ultimately does impact their bottom line. Additionally, as those pictures are mostly if not entirely reported without credit, it is irresponsible for a company to repost and link to them for that reason. As for the woman herself, what she posts on the Internet is totally her business & her specific weight (or yours) is irrelevant to any argument about corporate responsibility. 3y
  •   mudkipz21 @aspiringcat you're so correct. Thanks for stating the truth. @adub7905 is obviously missing the point and doesn't understand the severity of eating disorders. 3y
  •   fitness_heather I wasn't going to comment but after going through @tosayididit's account, and reading her hash tags and looking at her pictures I have to come to the conclusion that you guys who are saying she is "anorexic" are clueless. They ARE NOT "pro anorexia! Shame on all of you. She promotes healthy foods and tags them with "healthy" "fitspo" and occasionally throws in a "thinspo" but NONE of those are anorexic hashtags. How judgmental of all of you. And FYI not everyone is aspiring to be fat either. And if you go by today's standards of what we "should" weigh, we would all be 10% OVERweight. BTW I sometimes use the hashtag of thinspo and I am nowhere near anorexic. Lets not jump to conclusions here. #youdontknowher 3y
  •   theriver_oshun @fitness_heather The Gap just had the same issue. You Yup in gap in hashtags and pro-anorexia info comes up. 3y
  •   spotdolly Oh come on people..really!? It's Chobani!! Not pro Ana or obesity or normal weight!! It's a tasty snack!! Who cares where it came from! Geez!! Grow up! 3y
  •   spotdolly U don't hear about anyone except us egotiscal, self-important,self-entitled Americans having a spat this utterly stupid. It doesn't matter what ur eating problems are, cuz quite frankly, people will make their own decisions. And to think, a lot of my brothers and sisters got killed & I got myself shot all to hades to keep terrorists away from folks like y'all. Heck! let the terrorists read some of this garbage & they will stop, cuz they know we will debate each other to death! I still lllloooooovvvvveeee u! 3y

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