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therobotarmy Today I'm quitting smoking. Go to Healthline.com and check out The Robot Diaries. If you are quitting or have quit take a picture of yourself and tag it #smokingrobots. I'll be selecting one person a day for ten days to draw as a #robot. #nosmoking #NYC #newyear #healthline 2y
  •   hillarious @therobotarmy can you send a real robot to help me quit? You're inspiring me to get back in the wagon. Good luck... You can do it!! 2y
  •   therobotarmy @hillarious yes! Email me at bryanbruneriscool@gmail.com 2y
  •   auntcherylk 26 years ago I quit smoking, 41 years ago I quit drinking. If I can do 1 (one) day at a time, anyone can do it 1 day at a time. Just for today you can do it! 2y

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