•   arianelvl Ça donne envie de skier 2y
  •   emkxo_ Lol that looks so funny! Yo if you actually had feet like that?!! You would need custom shoes ! 2y
  •   gra_ @carol_schiavoni aeeeee 2y
  •   lindasdreambijoux Ecco questi sci chi te li ha dati , sn vecchi almeno di 10 anni e non sono buoni :( 2y
  •   frageorgphotomaker Don't you have chanel sk??? O.o 2y
  •   ersinclks My lady:) 2y
  •   karolinawalczak Just because they're chanel doesn't mean that you can ski on them well. Atomic is pretty good ski range but off course not as stylish as chanel;) 2y
  •   oligarhs 3mon

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