gillianjacobs I wish I was a clever as @pftompkins but I'm not so I'll present these without comment. 3y
  •   bavarianerin "Rooting for" *snicker* 3y
  •   sisterseasalt I want to punch those trees right in the face. 3y
  •   fawkestrot Good god. 3y
  •   jsfritzy "And on the right side we have a Christmas tree flipping you off with a Star of David resting on its middle finger." 3y
  •   lil_yizzle Hi Gillian I love you 3y
  •   pftompkins @gillianjacobs I'm not so clever. I just know over a hundred words, is all. People make a big deal out of it. 3y
  •   ssibila My aunt has a face on her tree. Quite a conversation starter at parties. 3y
  •   jordanwartooth I doubt the same tree would root for Green Bay AND New England. 3y

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