chrisbrownofficial Mornings 2y
  •   phuckyobadgirl Cutest couple ever 4w
  •   phiraldo_ You and rihanna 4w
  •   phuckyobody Since yesterday, u lost like 14k followers... Think about it 4w
  •   yo_cee @menomo read the comments 3w
  •   istanbxl @chrisbrownofficial yeayy with te baddest bitch 2w
  •   hey_bre_marry_me Weak don't let this simple minded people drag u back to someone who wasn't worth your time to begin with 1w
  •   robyn.8 Shut alll yall mf ass up!... Chris had great sex! On this day! Chris u need to go hard for her cause these songs are quite depressing... If u love her u better prove it nugguh! @chrisbrownofficial stop using krustykrab to make ri jealous...ImA fuck u up. 2d
  •   _istan4rihanna_ Plz get back with rih cuz she's the one 1d

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