therealcarlospena "Sons of Anarchy" meet "Sons on Bimini" @jessmyselfandi @angelohmygosh @leowklemm @vegaalexa @dhanai 2y
  •   iammya_ I luv this pic 2y
  •   milibonvecchiato Cooll 2y
  •   marminietto i see you 2y
  •   kikedesing Wht u mean with "sons of anarchy" :/ i dont like it 2y
  •   karensita_mdz tengo una asi pero en azul 1y
  •   hella.good.divergent Hey, I just wanna tell you that my best friend is the biggest rusher EVER! She love you guys soooo freaking much!!! She likes Logan the most, but she loves all of you! If you please could tell Logan that she love him? And could you please please please come to Norway one time so she could get to see you guys! If you did she would die!!!! (I like you guys too but I'm not like the biggest fan.) 1y
  •   hella.good.divergent Btw, her instagram name is @nora_bluuu 1y
  •   malen_rosnes Ily!! @ronja13love Everything is true!!! :D 1y

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