•   i_love_puunk Come to Sweden please :) come to Stockholm in Sweden ;) 3mon
  •   stjiimmy New tour asap @bj_unoxx please 3mon
  •   xx_st.jimmy_xx Come to England Liverpool!!!! I wanna c u again!!!!!!! @billiejoearmstrong xxxx 1mon
  •   xx_st.jimmy_xx Please 1mon
  •   emreliss_idiot Come to Belarus , please) We wating u)) 3w
  •   billiejoe.xo Please go on another tour and come to New York :-( my dream is to see u one day. It would make my life complete. You mike and tre are the most important people in my life. I love you. Can't wait for the day I meet/see u in concert. 2w
  •   mica_whatsername Billie 2d
  •   mica_whatsername Come to Argentina please :( Latin America miss GREEN DAY 2d

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