•   o2l_bieber_magcon Stfu you were never a real BELIEBER real ones stay by his side Noo matter what so fuck off you hater @princessselee21 he's not gonna stay young forever 1w
  •   sequoyah.cubitt You were never ever belieber if you hate what hes become so get off his case because a real belieber stays by his side with class and dignity while defwnding hiself Not that he cant he just doesnt have the time to and doesnt need to because he is by far the best musician i have ever seen and if you want to think i have no taste in music well go right ahead because i couldnt care less for different fan based people i mean seriously are you a directioner because if so Why are you on his page ? Think about that,bye 6d
  •   haalleeyy_annn @racheliltis he has your feet 5d
  •   racheliltis me and babes feet are cute @haalleeyy_annn 5d
  •   iranzu14 Justin, I need you, i need to know the truth about 'the key' , did you see it? I need to know... Now. 4d
  •   pqsisaa Pé feio 4d

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