•   mrs.q.monroe If you are or are not having martial issues it is truly your business and your business alone. i wish people would just pray for you and your husband's marriage... you guys are only human. I will be praying for you Mrs.Knowles-Carter God bless 5mon
  •   jojonilla_ Loool ratchet earrings 4mon
  •   boo_its_sxph beautiful gal 4mon
  •   emily.kinsella happy birthday 4mon
  •   tyalcott 3mon
  •   xdevii_ Waring if you stop reading this you will die tonight my name is Ryan and i am already dead and it have no friendship if you don't repost this on 20 pictures at 11:59pm you will die don't belive me? A boy named jake red this and laughed, later that night I took a knife and stabbed him and you don't wanna be jake do you ? A girl named Sandra read this and postes it 10 times, later she saw me and ran into her grandmothers reat room but guess what she is in a coma. A smart bou postes it 20 times and the next day his girlfriend said yes to his proposal 0=death 10=coma 20=good. Night 2mon

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