emilygmaynard My mom knows me well :) 3y
  •   marci_mo Why are all my comments getting erased :/ weird. They have all been super nice. I was a huge fan and thought very highly Emily. 3y
  •   emilygmaynard @marci_mo i don't know what happened?? I didn't delete any comments. I'm sorry! That's weird 3y
  •   marci_mo It's ok @emilygmaynard ;) i was just like what the? Lol... but then thought maybe it just deletes some here and there to make room for others. I have no clue.. ha! but it's really ok.:) Thanks for the msg:) your beautiful and ... I want your hair! Lol! Since day 1! Hehe! 3y
  •   carol_hosa @marci_mo anyone can delete a comment. If you slide the photo icon to the right it gives an option to delete or report as spam. Maybe a "fan" deleted? Just a thought. ;) 3y
  •   marci_mo Oh I see @hinojosa____ i had no idea. Thanks:) the little buggers;-) hehe 3y
  •   whattommy Is it just me or does she look like you on the cover??? 3y
  •   kenziepittenger27 That's what I thought @whattommy 2y
  •   liza.vidal @whattommy @kenziepittenger it is emily on the cover. Her mom put a picture of her over dolly's face 2y

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