thedesignfiles The thermal imaging option on the new iPad is so handy... 3y
  •   lisamariecorso Omigod did you get the new iPad??!! 3y
  •   thedesignfiles Yessss @lisamariecorso Xmas present from Gordyyyyy! 3y
  •   matilda_banjo Tried the mirror one yet? Kids love it!!! 3y
  •   iamannathomas Is it real? Or just an effect? And if it is real … um, why would you need such an option?! 3y
  •   hijenbooth @thedesignfiles bonjour Luce!!! We're tres bon!just drove to town for a baguette et cafe! Will email more!! 3y
  •   thedesignfiles @iambcwer it seems to be real!? Judging by where the sun was hitting my face when i took this pic... It's completely pointless of course I was just joking with my caption! 3y
  •   wfeagins So that's Warhol out the window then... 3y
  •   iamannathomas @thedesignfiles I was actually imagining the apple staff meeting … 'I really think the iPad's missing something important in the imaging department …' loopy ;) 3y

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