ryanseacrest Another fav...mother's day was the day #instafav2012 3y
  •   amandaulevy She raised a great son! She deserves a gold medal. 3y
  •   nancyomiller I love your mom!! 3y
  •   happyinshoes Good sign. A man who loves & respects his mother, usually makes a great husband. Your clock is ticking Ryan! :) 3y
  •   sydneywallace2 Hey Ryan, Please do me a favor? Next time you see the Biebs, tell him I love him and believe in him with all my heart<3 Thanks Ryan. You are the best host everr:) 3y
  •   fionawhut Sweet! 3y
  •   823sunshine This is such a heartwarming picture... And Ry looks perfect. LOVE 3y
  •   vapinallday1972 I want to meet both of u!!! 3y
  •   honu9403 Beautiful! !! 3y

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