xenijardin I'm in wait/observe mode, but for those of you abandoning, I'm on Flickr (and have been long before instagram existed). #instapogrom 2y
  •   seamusplaysguitar @xenijardin oddly, from what I read yahoo (flickr's parent company) has a more draconian ToS for Flickr than the panicked and paranoid perceived ToS for IG or at the very least the same idea. 2y
  •   cherrybombbc2 Starmatic 2y
  •   charliebecker I'm not sure yet about their TOS, but now that Flickr has always been a great place to share and store/archive photos, (much richer than instagram) with a huge installed base, and now that they have a decent mobile component, Instagram all of a sudden seems... redundant. 2y
  •   genstarchild Flickr user since 2005! Added you yesterday! 2y
  •   charliebecker @xenijardin i'mma look you up on Flickr, I'm known over there as Charliebeckers, even though I don't think you know who I am (lotta mutual friends). Everyone on the 'Gram should post their Flickr handle so we can all meet up at the after party. I hear they got snacks! 2y
  •   crabsinabucket I wish you wouldn't, but fear that you will 2y
  •   jsandburgrife Instapogrom? Pogrom. Really? WTF. 2y

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