•   rarenightowl It used to be a joke about me hating nikons, but when I used one I realized how everything I said I hated was true. Honestly a terrible brand. I'm not saying anything against your photography. I'm just saying that you could get the same results with a rock. 3y
  •   celineadelia Thats my camera!!!!! 3y
  •   priscillaahol my camera too! 3y
  •   eeeeebell @allnightowl finally someone who knows what a good and a bad camera is! Thank you 3y
  •   rbkcontreras 3y
  •   stylebr Wich model is the camera??? @higheelsuicide 3y
  •   bazov_sergei D3100 3y
  •   goldenturk D5100!. Not d3100 3y

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