xenijardin We made roast Brussels Sprouts for dinner. Once you remove the sprouts from the stalk, you're left with a Lethal Vegan Weapon. 3y
  •   kenbrady ...that looks like a rather impressive wasabi root. 3y
  •   license_farm Don't take any guff from those swine, Xeni! 3y
  •   plutoniumx I don't know what sort of freakout my 8 year old self would have if he was told I would love roast brussels sprouts so much. 3y
  •   akurashande THIS - IS - #SPARTA 3y
  •   mwlphelps That is the fabled "Brussels Mace". The favored weapon of the Greater Belgian Empire. Wait... what? 3y
  •   vonslatt Lethal Vegan Weapon is my favorite Portland band! 3y
  •   doc_trauma @xenijardin what do you make of this new Instagram TOS? I'd really like to hear your take. 3y
  •   xenijardin @akurashande wins thread lol 3y

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