•   pleasedeletethisaccountimbored Seriously Rihanna? A lot of us know that your the "illuminati princess" if you want to live a good life in heaven, stop following satan! Sorry, but I used to look up to you and you're probably not going to read this, but you need to stop influencing the whole world to "hail satan" as it says in one of your songs. Please don't waste your talent on satan. He'll just throw you out like garbage when he's done. #illuminatineedstostop 3y
  •   zeliamilan Miss these. 3y
  •   hugodoesit LMFAOOO ion get how YALL are tellin Her that Shes "illuminati" ... Yall sound confused to me lol smh yall swear yall know everything (& Christians on here tellin her shes goin to hell b/c her tatts & this & that... Could've sworn she can REPENT & can be saved] some of yall Christians on here needa gon ahead & repent too b/c yall "Goin to Hell" for judging her too lol smh 3y
  •   the_real_minnie Yep 3y
  •   nanabee_x I miss those posts rih 3y
  •   chidy_chidy Amen! 2y
  •   ugoeluemunorhttp Amen 2mon

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