•   ventasnf I have all of them 3y
  •   tabathasummers SO True!! 3y
  •   mkhutson @jefholm i teach a hip hop class for special needs kids and one of my students quoted this during class. He said, "as Jef Holm says ..." his sister follows you on here and read it to him. It was sooooo adorable... Just thought you should know that even just posting on instagram, you are impacting/teaching. 3y
  •   anthony1zzz Amen @jefholm 3y
  •   nnube @2drj5 3y
  •   bella_tischina_neriumad sooo true ! 3y
  •   annaxpetro Too bad you didn't reach the "gentlemen" part yet. Jerk. 2y
  •   elizabethannelder That's mean:( of course he has. 2y

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