sharpie Season's Greetings 3y
  •   trent_bohan Love sharpies do you have any more Caribbean packs 3y
  •   nissatomlinson I just started using sharpie and i love it. I didnt know they sell it in singapore. ^.^ #sharpie #UncapWhatsInside. 3y
  •   sarzog Hey sharpie. I spend too much money on your markers which by the way lack the quality they used to have. I swear your company fills the markers with less than that of half the ink they used to hold. I use your markers for my art and I insist upon a sponsorship, all I ask is that you supply me with free sharpies until the day I die. 3y
  •   maddy.reinhart Really @sarzogart who would do that???!!!???!!! 3y

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