justinbieber If they were beliebers I know they wouldn't leave my side over an Boxing opinion I have 2y
  •   saraah_bieber_ Stupid auto correct! *belieber not believer! Ugh well I love you justin 7d
  •   kyzizzle_xoxo I will NEVER leave you no matter what. Even when you get married and have kids, I will always be here 6d
  •   _gayofthrones You really get a rise out of these haters @justinbieber .. #WINNING 5d
  •   katy_benett Yaaaay!! 3d
  •   tiffany.perales Ilysm don't let anyone tell you differently god made you who you are and you should be proud to be that person because you are one of a kindI love you24h
  •   xxalways_be_yourselfxx Justin , you dont have true fans , they Just fans , you have true beliebers and they Will never leave you 11h
  •   monica01belieber1994 The te just fan justin believe es always be there for u no matter wat don' worry bout them there are fake fans and fake fans don't fit here with the beliebers and with ur awsome u should be proud of ur self cuz ur awsome and i now u are 4h

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