jefholm Check out my boy Michael Nance's album on iTunes. Dude kills it! 3y
  •   ms_lovegood Good choice! 3y
  •   b__bernstein Emily, Jeff and Sean (from Emily's season) all posted this..obviously they have everyone associated with The Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons posting this 3y
  •   autumnlellis @yonkers24 it's because Michael Nance was on Emily's season! 3y
  •   b__bernstein @autumnlellis that makes sense lol 3y
  •   rendies No one knows/cares who Michael Nance is. He was on for a total of 7 minutes the entire season. 3y
  •   colkel86 If all you people actually give him a listen, he's impressive. Love on Me is a great song. 3y
  •   kelani65 I listened to all those songs and he sings ok but the songs aren't that great :/ 3y

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