notlamb Haircut decision has to be made!!! One week till my appointment... Several inches off or keep the length...??? Can't decide :(
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  •   lizonthehill Gorgeous either way! Is that helpful? ;) 3y
  •   shoequeen79 Does it grow fast? It would still look fab with around 3-5 inches off. Just had an inch off mine and love it. Went for the chop last year (halfway down back to shoulder) and regretted it :( taken a year to grow back xx 3y
  •   notlamb @lizonthehill Heehee not really Liz but thank you anyway...! 3y
  •   notlamb @shoequeen79 Yes it grows really fast! It's just such a pain to wash and brush when there's this much hair (so knotty ALL the time). So maybe the growth factor is a good thing to keep in mind... Thanks sweetie! x 3y
  •   lizonthehill I'd vote 3-5 inches. It'll still be long and full but will feel like it has more life. 3y
  •   itsnotthatdeep I think a little trim always freshens up a look 3y
  •   laisi27 Cut cut cut 3y
  •   thecitizenrosebud Chop it! 3y

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