inthefunlane Peke-a-boo! Look who I found when making the bed. He is the sleepless dog ever. #Pekingese 3y
  •   liondogart How old is he? He's very cute! 3y
  •   inthefunlane @liondogart thank you! He is 10. We just started cutting his hair this year now that he's getting old. LOVE all your pups! 3y
  •   liondogart @inthefunlane I usually have Pekingese until 14-15 years old. 3y
  •   liondogart @inthefunlane we have 7 Pekingese here. One came in November and he is 5. 3y
  •   inthefunlane @liondogart wow!!! I just love these little dogs, it would be so fun to have 7! We took Mungkee when he was 3 after his last owner passed away. And I've heard they can live to be 15-19 years! It seems that at soon as he turned 10 I could start to see his age :( 3y
  •   inthefunlane @liondogart do you breed or show them? 3y
  •   liondogart @inthefunlane ziggy was 1/2 way to his championship, but didn't like to show. He is famous now for painting and acting. 3y
  •   liondogart @inthefunlane we do not breed. 3y

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