inthefunlane Breakfast! We need a hot one after our furnace died on us yesterday.... Alls well that ends in french toast. 3y
  •   inthefunlane @freckleschic4 tell me about it!!! 3y
  •   inthefunlane @dreemn thank you so much! I have a blog post about it going up tomorrow! But in short, I was told that traditionally honed marble is best. As you will learn soon, no matter what it will etch. I don't have a lot of etching because we are very diligent about cleaning but it does happen. Because they are honed I hardly notice the etchings unless the sun hits them a certain way but if the counters were polished I would be devastated by the etchings. Talk to a few more people and do a lot of research because I am sure most will tell you honed is the safer route. 3y
  •   reemsood @inthefunlane thanks so much for all that info. I value your opinion! Everyone is trying to convince me to go the granite route, however, marble is all I can envision in my kitchen : ) 3y
  •   karen_leck Great shot! 3y

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