taylorswift After...... (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 2y
  •   sunnykgirl247 My mom doesn't drive at 11:01 @jenn_lii 1mon
  •   lauren_merfeld I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 1mon
  •   taylor.swiftxo @taylor_thecatlover my mom doesn't drive that late and everyone dies 1mon
  •   jordysem I went to the black keys concert!!! 1mon
  •   taylorswiftsheart I love you! 2w
  •   shannonjulianto Hi my name is Marta if u stop reading this now u will die tonight. I got in a really bad car accident and flew through the window. I was hospitalized but an hour after i died. A man read this and thought it was fake and he woke up and saw meat the end of his bed then blinked and saw me in his face holding a knife. If u don't want to see me at night than lost on 20 pictures by 12:00 tonight. 0=death 20=you're safe 2w
  •   wendyz54324 If you stop reading this you will die if you don't repost this on 7 other pictures your mom will die in a car crash at 11:01 this comment is cursed 1w
  •   katrinastylesxx @imaginator1d hahahhaha 1w

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