taylorswift Before...... 2y
  •   wendyz54324 If you stop reading this you will die if you don't repost this on 7 other pictures your mom will die in a car crash at 11:01 this comment is cursed 2w
  •   em.6 I can't believe I'm going to see you in concert again. I'm so excited and looking forward to it. At this point I've mainly given up hope that you'll ever read these. Even @taylornation can't help this and I don't think it'll even happen because I'm not a Taylor swift account but I love you so much and I won't stop commenting cause there will always be a little bit of hope in my heart. I love you so much Taylor and I can't wait for the tour. Thank you for being my inspiration. Love, Emma 2w
  •   kayleigh_095 @wendyz54324 omg stop with the chain mail it's so annoying!! 1w
  •   kayleigh_095 @k.mwilliams Ike 1w
  •   kayleigh_095 ikr* 1w
  •   xxfatimaax @kayleigh_095 I totally agree with you!! The chain mails are annoying... 6d
  •   bailey0430 @katie.b.1227 if your dead how did you post that????? 6d
  •   kristaywonderwoman @em.6 quit the stalker spam, geez 6d

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