taylorswift Before...... 2y
  •   em.6 Track five 4d
  •   em.6 New single. Nope. Can't deal with this. This is going to make my life. I'm so excited. Like a little over one week left. What is life. Rip me 3d
  •   em.6 You get it. You get what all of this means. I just wish you could help me get it figured out too 2d
  •   em.6 One. Week. Left. I'm so excited you don't even understand. This is going to be the greatest thing ever and I'm so ready to hear all the new songs. I can't imagine not liking them. Hey wait you're on GMA right now! Right no! Omg that's really ironic. I love it. I heard like twenty seconds. And I love it. I love it so much. You're perfect. How can you be so perfect. This is amazing. I'm going to meet you. I know it. And omg welcome to New York is perfect I love it. I wish o could stay up for it. I love it. I love you. I love life. 2d
  •   em.6 Agh it's so catchy I love it 1d
  •   em.6 You don't read these. What am I thinking? 8h
  •   em.6 I want to give up on writing to you. You'll never see these so what's the point? The issue is for some reason I can't give up. I can't stop. For some reason I always feel like sharing some random thought with you. I can't give up 6h
  •   em.6 This New York spam is definitely the best idea you've ever had for an Instagram spam and it's making me so happy 6h

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