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  •   em.6 I absolutely adore 1989 Taylor. It's perfect. It sounds like Lorde and I love Lorde so that makes it even better. I especially love Blank Space. I probably drive my mom crazy-I forces her to drive me to target right after school. But it was obviously worth it cause I'm lying on the floor avoiding homework and dying because this album is perfect and relatable and I love the fact that the hidden messages tell a story and I'm dying. You are perfect. I ca only hope that one day I'll be able to meet you because you inspire me. More than you can imagine. More than I've said in these hundred messages. And I've said a lot in these. I absolutely love you. And I love this album. Rip me. Love, Emma 4d
  •   em.6 Okay I changed my mind. My new favorite is I know places. I absolutely adore the beat and for some reason I almost cried listening to it. I think because i can't wait to see it in concert and everything about this era is just amazing so far and so many people are getting noticed and I'm just not. How many long comments does it take Taylor!?! I'd do anything for a comment. Idk what to do. Anyway, the quarter ends on Friday which means I'm loaded with projects and tests and homework and I'm so glad I can listen to 1989 during it cause otherwise I'd be freaking out. Idk how I'd make it through this week. Life's okay. Your music is perfect. And you are just beyond words amazing. I love you. Love, Emma 3d
  •   em.6 When you blow up your friends snap chats with videos of you mouthing the words to 1989 and they don't even care>>> I can't even figure out my favorite song. It changes basically everytime i relisten to another song and I don't even know. This album is perfection. I don't even know what else to say. I think I have about a gazillion new favorite songs and I want to see them all live and I'm so excited GOSH SEE NOW HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO STUDY? I blame you for if I fail this test. Your perfection messes up my brain. I love you more than anything. Love, Emma 3d
  •   em.6 Happy national cat day Tay!!! I know this is probably your next favorite holiday (after Christmas) and tbh I never knew it existed until today but I love it omg. So tomorrow I'll be taping your live GMA performance and I can't wait to hear everything live. Especially I know places, blank space, clean, and like every other song on your album. I love it soooo much and I'm so happy that this new era is starting. Only thing getting me through this week is your music. By the way, if you ever read these comments, try to go all the way to the top of when I started so you can get the full story. Of course you don't have to though but you know, it'd be nice. (If you even ever read these) So I absolutely love you even when my friends are giving me a hard time. I have your music. I love you soooo much. Love, Emma 2d
  •   em.6 I'm gonna guess I've been doing this for about 25 weeks...if by some miracle you read these tomorrow I want you to know this-your songs have the most meaningful messages out of everything I listen to. You have encouraged me to grow as a musician even though I'm more in the classical field (HEY WHO SAYS YOU CANT PLAY TAYLOR SWIFT ON FLUTE?!?!) and you've made me grow as a person. I'll never give up hope that maybe you read these. You'll never stop giving me hope. People aren't always nice, they'll put you down and leave you there, but it's all okay when you have Taylor swift music. I love you so much and I hope someday I get to meet you because you. Are. My. Inspiration. Love, Emma 2d
  •   _heystevie @taylorswift Hey! I love you so so so much, you have been my idol since I first heard one of your songs (Tim Mcgraw) which was waaay back, if you were never to be existed, I don't think I would be here anymore, you're a massive inspiration to me and I'm sure a massive inspiration to many others. I've always been different and I've never had much friends but you have always pulled me through these hard times. I am also a an aspiring musician who is trying to make it in this big world and hopefully I can be successful one day. My dream is to meet you one day but for now I just wanted to say Thank You. :) ...Thank You Taylor Swift 2d
  •   em.6 Will you ever read all my hard work? PRobably not but whatever. Say you'll remember me 19h

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