myspacetom This is either going to be epic or its going to ruin my camera... behind the scenes/malibu 3y
  •   gusss_c Big fan your photography! Keep it up! 3y
  •   giggly_le Did you sell myspace!? @myspacetom 3y
  •   instantdistraction Maybe you'll get an epic shot *and* ruin your camera at the same time? 3y
  •   senrawr @myspacetom skills :) 3y
  •   jiggychan Workin' it... 3y
  •   zandercason Ha! You appear to be just the right distance from true harm. Watch out for those pesky sand grains, however. Almost got my 5DMII in trouble this summer. Plastic wrap it up! 3y
  •   hembot Looks like you caught the magic moment. Maybe I take Malibu for granted... ;) 3y
  •   freebirdies Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! 3y

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