theaquaticstevezissou Surfing Heals All 2y
  •   kasiiddyy Happy birthday!!! I think you crazy talented. You are adorable. I love aaaaalllll the movies you're in. I think your family is amazing, and your dad is definitely hilarious. I think its cute, you two and your 'father-son' relationship.(: I just want to wish you a happy birthday!! I wish I could meet you! That would be awesome.<3 I hope you read this... I mean you probably won't... But if you do, you're amazing. And happy birthday dude. @iputthesocietyonmyback 1y
  •   kasiiddyy You're 1y
  •   quxxn__sheree U look like it dad in this pic lol still sexy tho lol love ya 1y
  •   bon_afrique MSFT OVER HERE 1y
  •   bon_afrique Mstfts over here 1y
  •   sami3202 lll 11mon
  •   bby_u I love you 9mon
  •   dope__dope *-* 8mon

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