kristina_bazan Today's armcandy : what do you guys think about the shamballa bracelets? 2y
  •   elena_mrz Beautiful and kinda of special :)) 2y
  •   navyblair Never liked them, every 14years old girl are wearing 5 of them on each hands (fake ones obviously) 2y
  •   bessiana_s That s very ugly, @navyblair you're right ! 2y
  •   kristina_bazan I'm actually quite surprised by your reaction folks, I didn't knew their reputation and think they're awesome : so many colours ans stones variants! Maybe is it because of all te cheap fake ones that habe been produced that the reputation of shamballa has been so dammaged? 2y
  •   navyblair @kristina_bazan yep as you said it is because of all the fake ones especially here in Geneva, thats where I see most of the 14years old with fake shamballa... 2y
  •   kristina_bazan @navyblair crazy how something like that can ruin a great brand. Reminds me of lacoste who had exactly the same issues... 2y
  •   bettimrtn Même Vuitton, tellement contre fait... 2y
  •   jasmine.266 Beauty . Is this handmade ? 2y

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