torieh416 My moms life is now complete 4y
  •   torieh416 @kierstennnxx I use a bunch of different apps, do you have the iPhone? 4y
  •   kierstenamanduh yeah I hAve the iPhone 4 4y
  •   torieh416 @kierstennnxx okay download camera+ and qbro .I use a lot but they are the two best! 4y
  •   kierstenamanduh ok thanks! 4y
  •   kierstenamanduh haha I'm being a pain but how do you upload them to instagram? 4y
  •   torieh416 @kierstennnxx lol ur fine and you click on the app u want to edit with, edit it, save it to ur phone from that app, then upload it to instagram like u normally would by choosing it from ur photo album(the two little squares next to the instagram camera) 4y
  •   carsofinstagram beautiful post 5mon
  •   gearheadnews stunning 3w

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