danniremender Not going home for the holidays #boooo 2y
  •   teaandkate @danniremender oh no : ( are you British? I thought you were American?! I'm confused!!! (doesnt take much!!!) so lucky living in sunny ca?!  2y
  •   danniremender @teaandkate yes. From Leicester! My hubby's American :) ill do the 5 facts about me. :) 2y
  •   teaandkate @danniremender oh my Leicester?! love to hear the 5 facts lovely lady : )  X 2y
  •   ecmothdesign Sad, but the pic is so fab. 2y
  •   laurabeardwood i wondered about whether you might be english, your style is very european still : ) 2y
  •   abjane17 great shot! Sorry you aren't happy about your holiday plans, tho. My extended family is ALL here in SLC with us...and it's all too much most of the time. You're lucky that you want to be with yours! 2y
  •   abjane17 PS: I forgot you are British...I'm sure I would miss my family a lot more if they were so far away. xo 2y

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