woogsworld My kids do not appreciate nice cushioning.... 3y
  •   jenqm None of them do. Makes me stabby. 3y
  •   victoriavilches__ They are beautiful 3y
  •   kdoubleu "Pick up the cushions off the floor!" gets said a lot here too. 3y
  •   mrsmomo I need to buy some cushions so they can be thrown on the floor by my kids too Where did you get them from? I love them, and the new sofas we have coming in a few weeks are the same colour as yours, so I'd love to steal your style and get the same ones! 3y
  •   jonesymo Mine is used specifically for bashing. 3y
  •   teganmcintosh My mum owns a million cushions. When I was a kid I hated them. Since moving out of home, for the past five years NO cushion has been allowed to enter my home. And never will. Haha. Same goes for rugs. I hate cushions and rugs. 3y
  •   teganmcintosh The point of that story was that I was also the kid that threw the cushions on the floor haha 3y
  •   sarahowengreen I have the same cushion and the same problem. 3y

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