ashleyspivey Passed by a taco place and had to stop. I didn't hate it. #tacombifondanolita 2y
  •   twerds I rem a while back you said on twitter there were no good places in NYC....I suggested this one! It's good, right?!? 2y
  •   ashleyspivey @twerds I'm still missing queso but I really liked this place! 2y
  •   thuyphamtastic Have you tried rosa mexicana? 2y
  •   kaequinn I love El Rio Grande @ 160 E 38th St. A must try! 2y
  •   jenniferlkeene In Williamsburg I like Mesa Coyoacan and La Superior (cheap) 2y
  •   boomer0605 @ashleyspivey gotta go for Diablo Royale in the WV. I'm an AZ girl, and it's the best in town. #kilerqueso and #jalapenomargs 2y

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