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dpatrickrodgers You can stop sending now, thnx. 2y
  •   tropicalijaye killing me. 2y
  •   stevecrossrock Bahahahahahahah 2y
  •   cultgurl 2y
  •   kenjon824 Gross, i will take one and let my ears bleed with his filth..Then use it as a coaster or a one time use frisbee to throw out the window while driving down the interstate! 2y
  •   dpatrickrodgers Aaaaand we just received a fourth copy. 2y
  •   yewknee You should write the publicist and request more. Better that you have them than some unsuspecting innocent 2y
  •   dpatrickrodgers @yewknee Maybe once I get up to a couple dozen I could turn them into some sort of art project. 2y
  •   weownthisdoug Have you actually opened them? They might be America Online discs. 2y

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