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  •   reetss_ AW FUCK YA I GIVE UP. I'll cry myself to sleep 3mon
  •   lightbright1987 I like the pics where you look off like that like u in deep thought and thy jus took the pic lol 2mon
  •   ___terryy I love you 2mon
  •   ibtiissemhmrd @maaribouugas go pro 2mon
  •   _brookeherd @chrisbrownofficial ok seriously I love you so much more than anything I would rob a bank to just high five u you don't understand how in love I am with you I listen to you and just imagine us dancing together and I get so happy. you are the most attractive man in the world I would literally do u all day long 24HOURS haaaaan loved you ever since you first came out bae 2mon
  •   _brookeherd @chrisbrownofficial MOST PERFECT MAN. 2mon
  •   _brookeherd @chrisbrownofficial I will always love you and defend you NMW anyone says 2mon
  •   kendrico_tomaz Where can I find that hat 1mon

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