mastinkipp See u soon LA :) 3y
  •   memorablej Hey there, once again thank u for an awesome blog today. I extra-enjoyed it bc when I write blogs or make vids, I click send and then fix spelling errors but don't allow any changes to happen bc I feel it is no longer authentic when we change whatever fleeting feeling or emotion existed in that moment. Also, I don't know if u saw me saying that I changed everything and randomly moved to NYC, but I am living with a friend from tampa's 70y.o. Mother and although I am used to living on my own for 8+yrs now & wish to have more freedom, this artistic wise open-minded woman inspires me on a daily basis. Today I shared your blog with her and she loved it, as did I. Thank you once again! I would love to write more here but would hate to be a bother on your personal IG 3y

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