inthefunlane I think I've finally reached the normal allowable usage of antlers. #obsessed 3y
  •   inthefunlane @jessicakesti I got them from an old barn, but found out about them from a craigslist ad ;) 3y
  •   sixblackdots Gorgeous! 3y
  •   sirifjortoft I find antlers in the forrest. If you live near a place with wild dear you might find som just lying around after mating season :-) 3y
  •   lindseyannl In February they lose them usually. I don't have any, but my friend has some. We walked forever looking for them, they call it "shed hunting" 3y
  •   inthefunlane @sirifjortoft @lindseyl thanks so much for the info!! I feel better knowing they are shed, not cut from the animals. Now I know why my construction crew laughed at me for paying for them LoL 3y
  •   lilyblu001 I love all of this @inthefunlane 3y
  •   inthefunlane @lilyblu001 you are making me blush today darling!! 3y
  •   chantrikeele My husband LOVES that I decorate now with HIS antlers! ;) I think I've tapped into a new place in his heart! 3y

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