taylorswift Just got to my dressing room. @TheTodayShow clearly understands me. 3y
  •   jacqueline6679 I love u Taylor 3d
  •   gracedybhavn Yum 3d
  •   rockinrobynp333 Ooo looks nice 2d
  •   lucia_adria_04_08 Guau tailor 1d
  •   kdowling650 Yum 13h
  •   sophiagerb hi taylor swift, here are a few pics of my little sister, abby she is ten years old. she has a rare syndrome called smith magenis syndrome. only 600 people have it in the world. abby loves you and your music and i think that meeting you would make her the happiest person in the world bc she is going through a hard time right now, she has to wear a brace all day because she needs surgery to fix her back but we need to wait a few years, hopefully because her back is also putting her heart in danger which is not good because she had open heart surgery when she was a few weeks old. i think it wld be great if she could meet you but im sure you are busy with other things, you probably wont even see this actually... but i really would love to make her happy and have her meet you! maybe answer back if you actually read this, it would put a smile on her face and she said if she even met you she would go crazy!!! 3h
  •   hampster12213 Great breakfast ha 2h

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