theaquaticstevezissou My World Tilts Like Spilt Milk On This Very Large Love Hill, Fill Me With Affection Till My Heart Splits In Sections And You Have All My Attention, Now There's No Selection, So Now I Can't Choose Who Will Give Me The Sunday Blues Or Who Ill Fight With And Lose, Cause Its You, And It Has Bin Since My First Glimpse Of Your, Nice Round Hips And Dark Red Lips, But Until Our First Kiss Of Life Long Bliss...My World Tips
Christopher Syre
  •   papiaj @rayne_love_pink Thats Cute! Look At What My Baby Daddy Wrote Me. Lls 1y
  •   officialbri Everyone if u notice closely hes In the picture 1y
  •   _joybells.xo_ Beautiful........ Spoken word... Lovely. 1y
  •   stephanieupsall @iputthesocietyonmyback you know because I liked lots of your photos and just because I think you're just absolutely beautiful, please can you at least like one of my photos pwitty pwease with a cherry on top would mean the world! 1y
  •   msfts_belieber39 Wow that really one of my favourites that you posted, seriously it's amazing 1y
  •   sami3202 I will make them come together 10mon
  •   lyhrd Awww Awwww Mmmmm im crying this is so beautiful!♡♡ 9mon

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