lenadunham What a disgusting credit hog (circa 1995) 2y
  •   definitelyprolly yeah turns out lena dunham loves lena dunham. pretty sure girls isnt too different. 2y
  •   leebersnowy I was the same way, only I often attached glamorous photos of my eight year old self- often wearing neon. 2y
  •   shan_32192 @karasmith1 just making sure you're getting pumped for the new season 2y
  •   karasmith1 @shanellericcio ahhhhh. Shoot. Can't come soon enough! We need a premier party.. 2y
  •   arvanvalin That don't look typed. 2y
  •   ursoulkitchen Get in my life. We need to write together. I'm not even kidding. 2y
  •   janna3000 You spelled momma right. 2y
  •   niirvaan The d turns into an egg at some point. Hatch hatch. 2y

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