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elliotx Just to show I can do colour, here you go, from my local park today. #iPhoneography #iPhone4S #igerslondon #igersuk #londonpop #igarlondoon #biigbeen #park #autumn #fall #trees #leaves 3y
  •   flyingcow No worries at all! It's my pleasure! You've got a wonderful feed! Love it 3y
  •   elliotx @flyingcow You have a wonderful feed too, it's been a pleasure looking through your images. So much variety, very creative and very interesting.  3y
  •   flyingcow Thank you so much! You are the 2nd person to look through my entire feed! 3y
  •   flyingcow I hafta look through yours too! 3y
  •   elliotx @flyingcow You're welcome. Do you use a web viewer like Statigram? 3y
  •   flyingcow @elliotx Yes I do. Wonderful tool to track irritating people who follow and then unfollow you after you followed them back 3y
  •   elliotx @flyingcow YES! So true, that irritates me too. 3y

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