keeranj Elephants, palm trees and skyscrapers. Now that's what I call a view! 4y
  •   sampaulphoto Awesome! 4y
  •   nazurahusop where's this? 4y
  •   keeranj @nazurahusop marina bay sands... Nice right? 4y
  •   anise8886 Is that an elephant? James Bond should never let others know cause I can see that 007 painted behind. 4y
  •   rinar3d Amazing shot! 4y
  •   mommy_pilot Is there alot of Ellie? When is the elephant parade Keeran? They are soo cute!!! 4y
  •   nazurahusop It's amaaazing! 4y
  •   ryuji_m Ur photo and mine are identical! ^^ 4y

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