inthefunlane Something baaaaaa-d happened to my tiny lamb. 3y
  •   jenniferkershner I'm so sorry that happened to you little lamb. Something similar happened to my mercury glass gourd this morning. Services will be held later today. 3y
  •   lindseyannl Love these little animals, I have quite a collection of them. I recognize that puppy. 3y
  •   sixblackdots Cute! 3y
  •   inthefunlane @jenniferkershner LOL we have slippery fingers. Sorry about your gourd! 3y
  •   inthefunlane @lindseyl I picked up these three at a flea market years and years ago but haven't seen any since. I should have put a penny in the photo for scale, they are so tiny! Where have you been lucky enough to find them? 3y
  •   lindseyannl They are made by Hagen -Renacker, I buy them at Hallmark here. I just did a little reading about them because I was curious. One fun thing is they are just glued to paper cards. That is the only packaging. I have a mouse that is the size of a pea! They are just too cute! If you want more I see they are available on etsy and eBay! 3y
  •   violetnpenelopesmommy I used to collect these when I was a little girl! Mainly all the cats lol. I wonder if my mom still has my collection?! 3y
  •   k8bakess Lol love this caption! 3y

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