kilonilee It's just that.. I love you 2y
  •   peetee_freeman Cute asf😀 2y
  •   yeaamiaa U r soooo pretty i wish u and roc was still together u to r perfect 1y
  •   _kieraxgalaxy Do you have a kik kiloni? 1y
  •   ebony.monet Yooh are like PERF omg your like to gorgeous lol (n/h) 1y
  •   _lordnickey_ 1y
  •   adoreedanii_ Kiloni idk if I'm coming to The ATL for sure. But can I sing to u somehow? 10mon
  •   kat7037 Beautiful!! 8mon
  •   misfit_outsider Can I be you youngest best freind that you take every where because I need someone to hang out with. And I need an older friend forreal. 2d

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