•   savagefool Beautiful shot (4 wings on bird ;-) 2y
  •   jerilile @savagefool Thanks. its actually the same photo but hdr delay had the wings up in the first one then down in the next. Then when you make the hdr photo it puts both photos together. So it looks like the wings are flapping 2y
  •   jerilile @savagefool thanks at first I thought the 4 wings were wild but the I figured it looked like a live pic 😀 lol 2y
  •   jerilile @savagefool lol. 😀 Yea I'm still learning. Some of the ones I have seen are outstanding. I wish I knew what apps they use. 2y
  •   jpaffenroth2584 @jerilile try Pro HDR App you have to pay for it but its pretty sweet 2y
  •   jerilile @jpaffenroth2584 Thanks. I have that and iCamerahdr but I think I just need more time to play around with them 😀 2y
  •   savagefool I've heard good things about "photo forge"and "true hdr". 2y
  •   savagefool If you like hdr I recommend @02q and @_alang_ they're two of my favs 2y

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