•   chercherpart @vhiecky alam mo sis sa ganon arte lang siya sa suplado pero napansin mo ? ? 4y
  •   megachiq @ruthiecorpuz i'm not implying that you don't understand. My point is for you to understand his @andersongeraldjr situation. Yep, I am aware that each & everyone of us is entitled to our opinion but we have to be conscious as well w/ the things that we are saying. Also, as a bonafide member of the mighty GCX, it is my commitment to defend Ge. I just want to make it clear that I am not starting out a fight. I was talking to you in a professional manner. 4y
  •   megachiq @vhiecky he's not "suplado." Please don't misinterpret. When it comes to acting, Ge @andersongeraldjr is really very serious. Most likely he was on that "in-character" mode when you waved at him. Ge is a very grounded person & I myself was able to witness that.. 4y
  •   ruth_lyn_ @megachiq you are not implying that i don't understand yet u want me to understand?? HMp... what have I said that seems to be so bad? truth be told obsessive fan like u ruin his image.. u took what I said further than what it is!! 3y

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